Rewards Program

Excited For The Crew 2? Start Your Vehicle Collection Early by Playing The Crew.
Get a head start on the competition: your accomplishments in The Crew will unlock extra rewards in The Crew 2

As as vet of The Crew, we're thrilled to offer you with one of the most iconic vehicles in history: the Ferrari 458.
All drivers who successfully complete five, ten, or fifteen listed actions in The Crew will also be rewarded with exclusive vehicles when game officially drops. Stay tuned.

The Crew Rewards Program is available now and will be until the release of The Crew 2, so make sure you cop as many rides as you can before then!
We’ll be back every month with the next batch of awards and associated rewards. Thanks for your continued support.

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  • Playstation 4
  • Xbox One
  • PC


customize every visual part of a single car



Show Off

perform a minute-long stunt comb


Show Off

The Boss

Progress to level 50


The Boss

*The “Rewards Program” page will be updated twice a month. But you can see the all the awards you’ve completed up to date directly in-game.