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This Week In TC2 – Mar 24

03/24/2020 06:00 PM


Here’s what we have planned This Week in TC2!

The Crew© 2 Inner Drive

In case you missed it, we released a whole torrent of information on our Spring update: The Crew© 2 Inner Drive. Releasing on March 25 and free for all players, it includes a bunch of additions that are sure to tickle your fancy!

You can find the full overview HERE and the detailed Patch 1.6.0 Notes HERE.

LIVE SUMMIT - Scenic Tour
(March 25 – 31)

The US is in the spotlight this week! Rediscover some of Motornation’s most mythical locations… but don’t forget why you are here, and show your competitors what you are made of!

Here’s what’s up for grabs in the LIVE Summit:

Platinum Party Lights Nitro
Gold AG Performance Parts Nitro + Nitro Efficiency
Silver Full Visual Part Set Porsche GT3 RS
Bronze 300k FOLLOWERS

You can find all the details on The Crew Hub

Every week there will be a LIVE Summit Bundle to provide you with all the vehicles needed to complete the events that await you.

This week’s bundle, Scenic Tour, contains:

• Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 2013 (SR)

• Saleen S7 (HC)

• Indian Scout (SR)

• Dodge Charger 2012 (TC)

Vehicle Promotion


Special special, hear all about it. Shelby Custom vehicle & vanity bundle for the very first time, 15% off! Did you fall in love with the Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 (2020) (SR) featured in our Inner Drive trailer? Then this bundle’s for you, offering you the car and equipped vanities (underglow & custom nitro) all in one for a discounted price.

Available for 1 week, grab it while it lasts!


Photo by: Spidercop


Photo by: Gavtron03


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Photo By: Gonzaleon753

For more information on The Crew®, check our official website. Join the The Crew® community on the forums, Reddit, and Discord, and be sure to follow us on Twitch to never miss a livestream. The game’s Photo Gallery, Leaderboards and Summit Calendar are all viewable on The Crew® Hub. Videos highlighted by our in-game sharing tool can be seen on the official The Crew® 2 - Community Videos channel.