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This Week In TC2 – Jan 14

01/14/2020 09:00 AM


Check out what is on the schedule This Week in TC2!

LIVE SUMMIT - From Dusk Till Dawn
(Jan 15 - 21)

Take on the sun itself in this week’s LIVE Summit. Race it to the horizon and back in those rosy hours at Dusk and Dawn.

Here’s what’s up for grabs in the LIVE Summit:

Platinum Speedster Underglow
Gold TC Performance Parts (Drag Bump + Slipstream)
Silver Audi R8 Visual Part Set
Bronze 300k FOLLOWERS

You can find all the details on The Crew Hub


Every week there will be a LIVE Summit Bundle to provide you with all the vehicles needed to complete the events that await you.

This week’s bundle, From Dusk Till Dawn Bundle, contains:

• Chevrolet Corvette Stingray 2014 (SR)

• Lamborghini Veneno (HC)

• Citroen C3 WRC Racing 2017 (RX)

• Vector V40R (PB)

• Acura NSX GT3 (TC)

• Red Bull RB13 (A)

New Vehicle Alert


Everyone here at Ivory Tower are excited to announce that the Honda S2000 will be available to purchase with Bucks or Crew Credits starting tomorrow! Make sure you add this vehicle, which will surely be considered a classic, to your collection when you get the chance.

Vehicle Promotion

This week we have only the fanciest of Touring cars available for a sweet 25% off. The Touring Xpert 2 bundle contains the Ferrari 488 GT3 (TC), Lamborghini Huracan LP620-2 Super Trofeo (TC), and the Saleen S7R (TC).

CM Let's Play

Crewzing Across Motornation is back! Join Ubi-Rich and UbiMorning for some high-quality racing in Motornation!



Photo by: Bintangramd


Photo by: S23 Sylar


Photo By: V6-SteamEngine


Photo By: GlitchyVanell0pe


CM Let’s Play with Ubi-MrDrPink and Ubi-MoshiMoshi – Jan 21

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