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[2019-06-10] Uplay+ Generic Thumb

Get unlimited access to 100+ games on PC with Uplay+

06/10/2019 09:00 AM

Ubisoft's new subscription service Uplay+ gives players the opportunity to discover the best Ubisoft games on PC with unlimited access to more than 100 PC games including upcoming new releases, latest games, classic Ubisoft titles and beloved PC Franchises.

Subscribe to get access to the premium edition of The Crew 2 including DLCs, expansions and automatic updates**.

To add, players will also automatically be included in beta and early access programs for upcoming titles.

To celebrate the launch Ubisoft is offering a FREE trial between September 3-30 2019*. Sign up today to enable acess to the FREE trial in September!

** When applicable

* Limited time offer. Cancel anytime.

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