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Post launch vision and Season Pass for The Crew 2

06/06/2018 06:00 PM

The Crew® 2 launches for all players in just a few weeks, on June 29th. It will finally be time for us to throw open the gates of our open world USA to motorsports enthusiasts the world over, and this is only the beginning of many adventures to come in The Crew® 2!

Our post launch vision for the game revolves around three key pillars: Polish, Densification and Novelty. The first – Polish – is integral to all live games and involves continuously refining and improving the game in any way we can.

The Crew® 2 already offers a varied range of activities across all four Families, fourteen Disciplines, and plethora of open world challenges. Naturally though, we always want more of what we enjoy the most. Densification therefore allows us to ensure that players always have a wide selection of their favorite activities, by regularly adding new events, skills, vehicles and much more to existing Disciplines and features.

Last but certainly not least comes Novelty, which is the addition of brand new features to the game. These can range from new Disciplines, such as Hovercraft in September’s Gator Rush update, to whole new game modes such as the hotly anticipated PVP Lobbies in December. These additions are much larger in scope than those added for Densification purposes, and consequently take more time to develop and test.

These three pillars tie in to our desire to provide the very best possible experience for all our players; we want to ensure that The Crew® 2 runs smoothly and that nothing gets in the way of your enjoyment of the game. Among other things, this means checking that planned content and features all work exactly as intended before adding them to the game.

For instance, the PVP Lobbies that we originally planned for launch still require some polish before they’re ready. As Sofiane explained in the video above, we’ll be adding them in December 2018. On June 29th you’ll enjoy the full co-op experience, as well as global and focused leaderboards to compete against friend or foe for the top spot in all events and skills.

You – the community – play a leading role in the post launch plans and test process, and to this end hundreds of players have already participated in Technical Tests. They have been a huge part of bringing The Crew® 2 to life, and we will definitely maintain this dynamic moving forward.

Thank you all again for your continued passion and support. The adventure doesn’t end at launch, this journey is just beginning!

The Crew Team