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Community Roundup

03/08/2018 06:00 PM

Hey Everyone, 

Ubi-Rich here back for another Community Roundup! This time I thought I would reach into the recesses of my mind to make good use of my Liberal Arts degree. Let’s look at some of the artsy and calming photos (and a video) that you all have made!

Image 1

Aesthetic (This comment brought to you by Reddit User Friendly_Heavy)
Picture by: Reddit user derpbread_

Image 2

Reddit user MrILostTheGame kicks up dirt driving through the Las Vegas Strip. Now you might be thinking, “Ubi-Rich, how is this artistic?” I would have to point you to the dirt. Really, look at it. Admire the way the light is shining through it. If that is not art, nothing is.

Image 3

Forum member TMPurification shares this extremely sleek and artsy piece that I can imagine being posted on someone’s wall. This photo is so tasteful that you could use it to trick grandma into thinking it’s a real photo of a car!

Image 4

Look at this. The camera is tilted in the direction the car is going. The color is saturated which gives the city an orange glow. There is the lone pedestrian crossing the street. Aliyn-_- from the forums is nailing it.

Image 5

Here we see forum user ShinoXIII making excellent use of lighting and the silhouettes of the trees in the background.

While this video is not artsy, it is calming. So we’ll wrap up this Community Round Up with a ride from YouTuber Greg’s Health who will be taking us from San Francisco Beach to New York Airport.

Thanks for joining me this month! I believe my taste in art is impeccable, but if you think you can find better pieces then be sure to reach out to us through The Crew Forums or by our Community email.