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Rule the waves with the Powerboat discipline in The Crew®2

03/02/2018 06:00 PM

Greetings Racers,

Power. Speed. Control. The holy trinity of the Pro Racing Family’s Powerboat Discipline. The Crew® 2 allows players to head offshore to conquer the oceans and American waterways – no mean feat, and one that requires a tool as mighty as the task.

Enter powerboats: vessels built to harness several thousand horsepower and withstand the battering of high seas and strong currents alike.


Similar to its fellow Pro Racing Discipline Alpha Grand Prix, Powerboat is about using this mechanical muscle strategically in order to the finish the race first. The problem with having so much power under the hood is that it doesn’t take much to nudge you off-course. Race areas will feature increasingly difficult obstacles as you progress – from static buoys to crashing waves – and you will have to judge the angle and speed with which you hit or bypass them very carefully.

The Crew 2’s dynamic weather system will always keep you on your toes: storms and rain not only affect handling on the asphalt, but also generate waves fierce enough to slow down even the most intrepid pilots.

Additionally, The Crew 2 features dynamic vehicle wakes. Boats, and even planes skimming the water, generate wakes that will affect your vessel. The faster the vehicle, the bigger its wake, which can make for some very interesting competitive scenarios. While you won’t have to worry about planes in dedicated Powerboat events, these nautical brutes can kick up one hell of a trail just fine by themselves!

Don’t let the hustle and bustle for first place completely distract you from the scenery, though. Whether you’re competing for dominance over the San Francisco Bay or tearing up the Hudson and Mississippi Rivers, every setting is unique and guaranteed to give you a different taste of the American Powerboat experience.

We hope you enjoyed this focus on the Powerboat Discipline! You can find all previous articles on our website. Be sure to stop by our official forums to ask any questions and let us know which Disciplines you are most excited to master so far in The Crew 2!

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