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The latest and greatest community creations!

02/01/2018 05:00 PM


It’s Ubi-MrDrPink bringing you the latest edition of the Community Round-Up. Last time, we looked for the legendary Prancing Horse in The Crew community and I was astounded by what I found. This time around, I went searching for the best Japanese Tuners of The Crew’s community!

Let’s start things off with SpiritFilms’ Nissan Fairlady Z, legend has it that this is a personal favourite of Ubi-Gaidheal.



Don’t be fooled by the size of MrBratka’s MX-5, this roadster has got one serious bite under its hood!

Once again, Godzilla has been spotted in the downtown area wreaking havoc. Yeet has left quite the mess for these upstanding citizens.

DatWut’s high speed action making one marvellous light show for us to admire.

This modified 370z Raid Spec empowered Edraft to witness this specular sight.

In the dead of night, Asamur’s GT-R comes out to play. Is it for show, or are you waiting for the next street race to happen?

Does lolbat have mad Ninja skills, or maybe they’re just in a rush to get home?

That about wraps this up for this Community Round-Up. What do you think we should try to cover in our next article? Let us know on The Crew Forums or by our Community email, or perhaps in one The Crew’s amazing fan communities, Discord, Reddit and The Crew Social