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Monthly Rewards Program Update

12/01/2017 10:00 AM

Welcome back Petrolheads,

The latest Rewards Program update is live, and we have two fantastic vehicles to add to the line-up!

As a reminder, our Rewards Program allows you to unlock up to 19 vehicles in The Crew® 2 by completing awards in The Crew®.

Log in to our official website to check your progress, and head to the dedicated FAQ for further information. Please note that the website updates every two weeks.

Now without further ado, let’s explore the newest batch of cars!

Mazda RX-7 2002 - Drift

The perfect partner for a bit of lateral tomfoolery, this little beast will leave your opponents far behind in a cloud of tire smoke.

To unlock: Complete the “Breadwinner” award by increasing your daily salary to 10,000 Bucks.


Ford F-150 2010 – Touring Car

If there’s one car in our line-up that you can count on to take your rivals down, it’s this one!

To unlock: Complete the “V8” award by conquering the West Coast, winning the Face-off and taking the V8.


Good luck unlocking these rides, Petrolheads, and we’ll see you for the next batch!


The Crew 2 will be available on March 16th 2018, for PlayStation®4 system (includes enhanced features on PS4 Pro), Xbox One (includes enhanced features on Xbox One X), and Windows PC. It will be available 3 days early, on March 13th 2018, for Gold Edition owners on all afore-mentioned platforms.