How you explore and dominate this America is up to you. So you might as well prepare yourself. Why not start with our Motor Families?

Find out more about each family:


The Motorsport Spirit is not just about getting from point A to point B first, and the Freestyle family daredevils understand this perfectly. Mastery of a vehicle is an art unto itself, requiring fearlessly honed skills to perform unique tricks and stunts. During their shows in all the U.S.’ most iconic locations, Freestyle adepts push the engine to its limits and try to surpass themselves to the extreme. It’s not only about scoring, but blowing minds!

Street Racing

The city is their realm; asphalt is their ally: Street Racers are the beating heart of every town in Motornation. They sure ride with style, and extreme customization is a given, but you will quickly understand that this is not just about bragging rights… Don’t think they’re easily outsmarted: they know their turf like the back of their hand. They’ve memorized every shortcut, learnt how to race on rooftops and tend to keep all their tricks to themselves. But if you earn some street cred and show them you have the guts, the heart and the will, you can join the family and start making your way to the top.


Nothing is left to chance when it comes to the Pro Racing Family. Drivers are all professionals, and their vehicles are meticulously prepared for high-speed bouts. Control and trajectory mastery are paramount to succeed, and every single second counts in these deceptively aggressive time attacks, whether it’s on icy tracks, drenched inner-city roads, ocean waves or through foggy skies. Don’t trust appearances: the perfect line is no piece of cake to master, and calculating every angle, curve and split-second acceleration change is what separates the Pros from the amateurs.


Mud, sand or dust, nothing stops the Off-Road Family thrill-seekers. They know no boundaries, especially not those defined by roads or grid plans, and are always ready to go further to celebrate their passion and map their own path. No matter how far they push their rides with customizations to accomplish the impossible, they always ensure their complete reliability. The whole world is their playground; Motornation is as dangerous as it is beautiful, and they know all the secrets of its wildest environments.