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This Week In TC2 – August 6th

06/08/2019 06:00 PM


Here’s what’s happening this week in TC2!

A new competition week is coming: tune-up your ride and be prepared to face the top Motornation champions through a new exclusive Live Summit competition!

LIVE SUMMIT - The Players’ Choice (Aug 7 - Aug 13)

This Live Summit is the result of our collaboration with highly engaged players from the Pit Crew initiative. Designed by players, for players Enjoy the very best of these specially picked events, and fly the community flag high!

Here’s what’s up for grabs in the LIVE Summit:

Platinum Green Tire
Gold Full Set Performance Parts, The Nitro Chemist
Silver Pagani Zonda F
Bronze 300,000 FOLLOWERS

You can find all the details on The Crew Hub


Every week there will be a LIVE Summit Bundle to provide you with all the vehicles needed to complete the events that await you. This week’s bundle is Players' Choice.

Vanity Promotion

But that’s not all. To celebrate our players and the Live Summit, we will be running for the first time a weekly special sale for vanity items. Check the list below for the specifics!

  • Red Tire – 10% Discount - 8/7
  • Red Smoke – 10% Discount - 8/8
  • Spearhog Semi-slick TIre – 15% Discount - 8/9
  • Star Shaped Smoke – 15% Discount - 8/10
  • Pure Gold Tire – 20% Discount - 8/11
  • Golden Smoke – 20% Discount - 8/12
  • YMI Semi-Slick Tire – 15% Discount - 8/13

CM Let's Play

Ubi-MrDrPink and Ubi-MoshiMoshi are going live with their latest CM Let’s Play. Tune in!



Photo by: Your-Toaster


Photo by: FredBoat


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Photo By: VigilMain


Crewzing Across Motornation with Ubi-Rich – Aug 13th

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