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This Week In TC2 – Feb 4

02/04/2020 09:00 AM


Here’s what we have planned This Week in TC2!

LIVE SUMMIT - Free Spirit
(Feb 5 – 11)

Welcome to the Freestyle family! Test your limits this week in a special LIVE Summit dedicated to all freestyle disciplines.

Here’s what’s up for grabs in the LIVE Summit:

Platinum HC Performance Parts – Nitro Chemist Set
Gold Gee Bee R-1 (AR)
Silver Blinking Blue Underglow
Bronze 300k FOLLOWERS

You can find all the details on The Crew Hub


Every week there will be a LIVE Summit Bundle to provide you with all the vehicles needed to complete the events that await you.

This week’s bundle, Free Spirit, contains:

• Sportsman NZ Edition (JS)

• Fender Vero (DD)

• Ford F150 Raptor 2010 (MT)

Vehicle Promotion

It’s time to fly! If your aerial vehicle collection is ... we'll say lacking, we’ve got you covered. The Above the Clouds bundle is 30% off and contains the Pilatus PC-21 (AB), P-51 Mustang Strega (AB), Gee Bee R-1 (AB), WACO YMF-5D Super (AB), Slick 360HP (AB), and the Harmon Rocket III (AB).

CM Let's Play

The legends return! Ubi-MrDrPink and Ubi-MoshiMoshi are back for another CM Let’s Play.



Photo by: BB_88


Photo by: Hermaly


Photo By: Y-RAZE3


Photo By: Bustock!


Crewzing Across Motornation With Ubi-Rich – Feb 11

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