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A message from the development team

12/06/2017 05:00 PM

Hello everyone!

Motorsports enthusiasts of every sort, welcome to your new adventure with The Crew 2.

On behalf of the whole development team, we would like to thank you for your passion and your great support. You have been our fuel during the last few years, helping us offer a unique experience with the The Crew franchise.

This announcement is a new milestone for us and we are extremely excited to finally talk with you about this new project.


Thanks to your invaluable feedback and desire to always push the title to new heights, we learned a lot with the release of The Crew and its add-ons, The Crew Wild Run and The Crew Calling All Units,  You, the players, greatly inspired our vision and today we are inviting you to join us for a new motorsports experience: your experience!

Building on what we learned, we tried a wide range of formulas over the months. Our prototypes were extensively tested again and again internally, but also externally in a number of playtests. Special thanks to those players who participated for their dedication and trust. There’s still a long road to travel and we are super excited to have you onboard! Don’t forget to register to win a chance to participate in our test phases here.

If you’re attending E3 this year,  make sure to drop by the Ubisoft booth to get a hands-on first glimpse of the game. We’ll have demoists available to introduce you to the new The Crew experience, and they’ll be keen to hear your feedback! We also had the opportunity to invite seven The Crew fans to E3 as Star Players, and can’t wait to present the game to them and sit down with them for a full debrief session afterwards.

For those players who come by to see us, be sure to share your thoughts on the forums afterward for all to see! Don’t worry though, even if you can’t make it to E3, we’ll be covering the event and posting some behind-the-scenes sneak peeks on our Twitter account, @TheCrewGame. So keep your eyes peeled!


On top of all this, now that the announcement has been made, we expect that some of you may have questions. Unfortunately, we cannot answer them all at the current time, but it is important to us that you’re informed of our vision for the future of the The Crew franchise.

Our ambition with The Crew 2 is to create the ultimate experience for all motorsports fans, whether you are addicted to the asphalt, off road, the water, or even the sky! We share the same passion for mechanics, performance, exploits, improvisation, and last but not least, freedom.

The Crew 2 is all of these elements combined. Our promise is to offer you the freedom to choose your own path and share it with a unique community. Not only will you have your choice of vehicles and activities, you will have a limitless motorsports experience in a massive, entirely playable, environment that’s more alive than ever.

To achieve this dream, we pushed all the boundaries and managed to resolve many of our legacy constraints with the rework of our tools. New disciplines and types of vehicles imply, of course, crucial work on physics in order to allow a qualitative gameplay experience, which is easy to pick up while allowing a real mastery with practice. We worked by trial and error and organized various test sessions with racing players to make sure to find the right balance. We will continue to improve all aspects, with your help.

Authenticity has been one of our pillars since the start of development. The devil is in the details, and the team working on The Crew 2 is passionate about motorsports and really wanted to capture the spirit of it. The team traveled through the US to meet experts from the different disciplines, organized sound-capture sessions on circuits, met champions, etc. They also experienced the thrills for themselves behind the wheel of cars, bikes, boats, and planes!

Rightly, you may ask yourself why the return to the US? Our ambition was to offer you a place where motorsports are everywhere and present in all its forms.

The Crew 2 is deeply inspired by today’s motorsports reality, and more specifically in the US. Not only in the way competition has evolved to include more and more disciplines, but also in the way fans see their passion and live it on a daily basis. Motorsports in the US have always been pushed further than anywhere else – unconventional disciplines like monster truck rallies or destruction derbies are the proof of that. But with today’s connected world, it has become the most vibrant and innovative scene. Anyone can invent new ways to challenge themselves and the engine, record their performance, share it worldwide, and make it the next big thing. This world is free, unpredictable, action-packed, and most of all, inclusive – anyone can join, anyone can steal the spotlight. This is what we recreated in The Crew 2, this is what we call Motornation.

In order to achieve this goal, we had to rethink our entire map. Of course, it is still the US, with its iconic roads and places, but you will live a completely different experience in The Crew 2! This is not the same map, simply because it would not be possible. By adding the ability to explore our world in 360°, it was necessary to give life to unique environments tailored for new gameplay and all your creativity. We also had to rethink the playground from the foundations to make sure it would be compatible with all the crazy stuff you could do on land, water, or in the air! No more barriers, no more limits. Everything you see, you can explore.


Finally, we would also like to take the time today to talk about The Crew. Just a few weeks ago, we celebrated a milestone of 12 million players, and we will continue to cherish your engagement in this title! Therefore, we decided to reward all The Crew players – past, present, and future – and offer them up to 18 vehicles for their future journey in The Crew 2. Learn more about it from the The Crew Rewards Program!


We still have a lot of surprises and new content to show you in the upcoming months. Stay tuned to receive the latest updates about The Crew 2, and join the community on the forums!

For more information about The Crew 2, watch our official announcement trailer here. Sign-up now for a chance to play first in our upcoming beta tests, more information on thecrewgame.com/beta!

Thank you all,

The Crew dev team


The Crew 2 will be available in early 2018 for PlayStation®4, PlayStation®4 Pro computer entertainment system, Xbox One X, Xbox One, and PC.