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24/10/2014 12:00 AM

There are two things that we have in plenty in The Crew, space and activities!

In this news we would like to give you more details on one of the latest activities that we unveiled, the factions and the faction war.

As some of you already know, every player will be able to choose from one of the five factions available in the game that are: The Wolves, The Eagles, The Crocodiles, The Snakes and The Bears.

Today we sat with one of our games designers to explain to you everything you need to know about the factions, so let’s get started.

Q: What are the factions?
The factions are groups that players will be introduced to during their progression. The goal of these is to give you additional activities and rewards.

Q: How do we unlock them?
The first two factions will be introduced to players after leaving the Dirt Tuner in New York. At that point, players will have to choose between The Wolves and The Eagles.

The three remaining factions will be unlocked each time a player finds a new car tuner.

  • Crocodiles in the South after purchasing the first Perf Spec (in Miami).
  • Snakes in the Mountain States after purchasing the first Raid Spec (in Las Vegas).
  • Bears in the West after purchasing the first Circuit Spec (in Los Angeles).


Q: What do they unlock?
Each time a player unlocks a new faction, he will have access to new faction missions. There are four faction missions in each region and a bonus mission for each region (we’ll come back to this one later). These missions will be divided as follows:

  • 1 short mission (about 10 minutes).
  • 1 medium (from 10 to 30 mn)
  • 1 long (about 60mn)
  • 1 epic (more than 2hours).
  • The bonus mission will take about 10 minutes but will have a higher reward.

Q: What are the rewards from these faction missions?
These faction missions will reward you with Bucks (in-game currency) and reputation inside your faction.

Q: Who can play these missions?
Anyone who is affiliated to a faction no matter his level. Note that the faction mission’s difficulty will scale to the level of the player.

Q: What happens if players in the same crew don’t have the same levels and want to play the same faction mission?
The faction mission will always scale to the player with the higher level in the crew.

Q: Is it possible for players from a different faction to play a faction mission together?
Yes, this will be possible, and every player will get points for his own faction.

Q: Bucks allows us to buy many things, but what does the reputation bring?
Once a player chooses a faction, he will have two goals: beat the other factions and climb the ladder of his own faction in each region.

Q: How does it work?
Climbing the ladder of the faction, by getting more reputation, will grant you with more Bucks. Defeating the other factions will allow you to control a region and unlock the bonus faction mission.
Every month, a new faction war will start between the five factions, and at the end of the month, the faction that will control a region will be the only one to have access to the bonus mission of this region.
If a faction controls five regions, than it will be the only one to have access to the five bonus missions.

Q: For how long are these bonus missions available?
The bonus missions will be available only for the last two days of each month (29/30) or (30/31) and will reward the players with a significant amount of Bucks!

Q: Are there ranks among each faction?
There are seven ranks among each faction for each region.

  • Boss: only one player will be able to grab this rank in each region.
  • Under boss: 0.5% of the top players with reputation.
  • Street boss: 5% of the next players with reputation.
  • Lieutenant: 12.5% of the next players with reputation.
  • Thug: 25% of the next players with reputation.
  • Gangsta: 57% of the next players with reputation.
  • Rookie: As no one is forced to participate in the faction war, some players will have a faction but no reputation. Also, these players will still receive a minimum salary.

Q: What do these ranks bring?
A daily salary. The higher the rank, the more Bucks you get. Every day you login, you’ll get your salary, but if you don’t log into the game on one day that salary will be lost and will not be refund the next time you login.
Also note that everyone will get a salary, even players with no reputation that will have the minimum of bucks.

Q: What if I have a different ranking in different regions?
Your daily salary is the sum of the salaries you’ll get from your ranking in the five regions.

Q: Is there a world Boss?
Yes, the best player over all the regions will get a much higher salary. This player will be the top player among the five regions. He doesn’t necessary need to be the Boss in each region, or in any region either, but will need to have the best ranking over the entire map.

Q: Is there a global ranking?
No, there is only a world Boss but no global ranking.

Q: Is it possible to leave a faction for another?
Yes, all players can switch factions but only once every seven days. Note that no one can switch factions in the last seven days of the month.

Q: So anyone can pick the top faction one week before the end of the month?
Each time a player switches to another faction, his reputation and ranking is reset. By doing so, he will get a very low salary during the last seven days.

Q: But it is possible to secure the access to a bonus faction mission at the end of the month?
No, as everything can happen in the last week and the top faction in one region can be overthrown in the last days.

Q: What happens to the ranking among the factions and between the factions each month?
At the beginning of each month, the ranking inside each faction is reset for everyone and all players start again at the rank 7. The same goes for the ranking between the factions for each region.

Q: Is it possible to get reputation for the faction through other means?
Yes, by competing in faction PvP races and also by “Sending friends” into the missions.

Q: How does Faction PvP races work?
Before entering any PvP lobby, you’ll be able to choose to enter in faction mode or not. If you do, you can enter on your own or with your crew.

Q: Is it possible to have different faction members in one PvP team?
When it comes to PvP faction races, every team will represent one faction and it’s not possible to mix it.

Q: What about the “Sending friends” feature?
While you can play the faction mission in-game, you can also choose to send your friends to do a mission without having to play it.

This feature allows you to earn Bucks and reputation (less than if you played it for real) without having to be in-game all the time.

Q: How does it work?
For each faction mission, you can send up to four people to play it. If you have 80 friends, you can send them to play all the faction missions on the map at the same time (100 friends if you want to send them all for the last two days of the month).

When sending friends, the faction mission difficulty scales on your level, so you better send friends with a higher level than yours if you want to increase your chances to succeed.

Note that sending friends doesn’t impact their game at all and succeeding in a mission will reward only you.
Finally, the duration of the missions will be much higher than in the real game.

Q: Is there anything else to know about these factions?
Actually yes. Our Award system, which works like an achievement system, will grant every player with a bonus for his salary. The more Award points you get, the higher the bonus.

There are a wide variety of awards, from exploration to PvP challenges and more, every player will find something to do.

There is also the possibility for every player to send his friends into a faction mission

Whilst progressing, you will also discover that some Perks will give you bonus tied to the faction system, but we’ll let you find out about it yourself :)

Remember that it will soon be the time for you to pick your faction and show the rest of the world where you stand, so get ready!

The Crew Team