The Crew 2 in action!

Discover the thrill of the American motorsports spirit with this first world-exclusive gameplay walkthrough of The Crew® 2!

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The Crew® Rewards Program

Play The Crew and unlock up to 18 vehicles in The Crew® 2 before its release!

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Announcing The Crew 2! Welcome to Motornation!

The Crew is back, get ready to take the challenge to new heights!

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A message from the development team

The Crew 2 is now officially announced. Discover some insights from the dev team!

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Cumulative Community Challenge

Get ready for 3 weeks of Platinum Medals!

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Cumulative Community Challenge

22/05/2017 05:00 PM

Hello 510s,

From May 22nd to June 12th we invite you to participate in our latest Community Challenge, available to all The Crew players.

This time, all you need to do is get platinum medals in as many skill challenges as possible! They all count, so up to you to decide which ones you’d rather do! You can even repeat the same ones to improve your ranking and share your best times with the community on the forums.

The objective we’re setting for those 3 weeks is 30 million platinum medals! Fear not, it is of course cumulative and we’ll be taking the total sum of all platinum medals earned over this period.

The top 300 contributors on each platform will win a Bentley Continental SuperSports 2010!

We will also unlock 3 stickers for all participants at the end of the challenge!

We will regularly update your progression in this cumulative challenge in the in-game news.

Time to show us your skills, 510s!

The Crew Team