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Community Challenge: US Roadtrip

Time to dust off your maps and hit the road!

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Community News

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The Crew 2 in action!

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Monthly Free Drive Challenges

29/03/2017 05:00 PM


In addition to the monthly Community Challenges that you already know – don’t forget to participate in the Ski Jump one! - we decided to offer you an additional opportunity to show the world your talents!

To celebrate your passion and support, the development team has created a new series of races for Wild Run and Calling All Units players with the introduction of a different themed Free Drive Challenge every month.

Starting on April first, we decided to share a long-standing French tradition with you all: the fish of April Fools.


The objective is simple: be the fastest! You have total freedom to achieve this, pick your favorite vehicle and smash the records.

Connect to the game to get the latest information regarding this event through you Driver ID!

Free Drive Challenges?

Reminder: When playing The Crew, you can create your own race at any time to share with the community. To do so, hold the LEFT D-pad button of your gamepad or press the X key. Unleash your creativity and spread your creation thanks to the 6 digit code available in your favorites.

Many 510s have already shared their Free Drive Challenges, join them on the forums!

Joining a Free Drive Challenge is also really simple, all you need is the 6 digit reference of the race. Then when driving, bring up the Free Drive Challenge menu (by pressing X or ; ) and switch to the favorites tab. Press X (gamepad) or B (keyboard) to import a code.


April Free Drive Challenge code: BGZGLZF

When reaching the finish line, take a screenshot of your best time (F12 on Uplay) and share it on our channels, for instance on the forums in the dedicated thread for this challenge or on Twitter by using the following hashtags #TheCrew #FreeDriveChallenge.

We can’t wait to see your feats! We will feature the best of them so don’t forget to include your Uplay ID!


See you at the start line!

The Crew Team