E3 2017 – Community Insights

Find out what our Star Players thought of E3 2017 and The Crew 2!

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Introducing Rewards Program Batch 2!

Discover the two new vehicles added to the Rewards Program line-up!

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Community Challenge: US Roadtrip

Time to dust off your maps and hit the road!

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Community News

Community catch-up on a busy few weeks!

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The Crew 2 in action!

Discover the thrill of the American motorsports spirit with this first world-exclusive gameplay walkthrough of The Crew® 2!

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Community News

13/01/2017 05:00 PM

Happy New Year to you all, 510s, and welcome to the first Community News of 2017! As always, we’ve been scouring the internet for your creations and have picked this week’s favorites to highlight. If you’d like to see your work up there in a future issue, be sure to share it with us on any of our channels or email us at community-thecrew@ubisoft.com!

Without further ado, we’d like to get the ball rolling by inviting you to partake in Asamur’s latest instalment of the Tuners’ Wars.

These are organised weekly on The Crew Social fan group, and the results are always impressive! So be sure to sign up to the group and take part!

If you’re more of a racer than a tuner, you might prefer to make your way through some of Suteinu’s newer FD Challenges:

Copy of 0113_CommNews_Suteinu

You’ll find more of his work, and other fantastic FDCs, on our forums.

Speaking of fantastic, if you’re a stat-minded person then you should definitely check out Muedi’s extensive test of the vehicles in-game. He updates it regularly, and even incorporated Arcticgamez’ previous results for a more complete picture. You’ll find a Top 5 and changelog on our forums, and the full list here.

Keeping the test theme alive, Azad çabuk has been documenting vehicle speeds in a series of short videos. See how the different cars compare in his dedicated Perf and Circuit playlists!

IsuckAtDriving runs through the ins and outs of the December Summit reward – the Mercedes AMG GT.

And Akor's BMW S1000RR takes to the spotlight!

Jowdarkangel gets this year’s screenshots off to a roaring start:

Copy of 0113_CommNews_1

Hr Tom crests the treetops in hot pursuit!

Copy of 0113_CommNews_2

ShinoXIII combines architectural beauty and engineering prowess:

Copy of 0113_CommNews_3

D3FALT_PL warms up his tires before taking on the Summit!

Copy of 0113_CommNews_4

xSABRAx is in for one icy plunge if he gets this stunt wrong…

Copy of 0113_CommNews_5

And Jangolii puts pedal to the metal to hurl his Lambo over the flats!

Copy of 0113_CommNews_6

That’s it for this week’s community highlight! Leave your comments on your favorite highlight, and go out there to make some yourselves! If you have anything you think is worth sharing, don’t hesitate to send them to the community team: community-thecrew@ubisoft.com

Don’t forget to check the Fan Art section, as some of your creations could already be there!


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