E3 2017 – Community Insights

Find out what our Star Players thought of E3 2017 and The Crew 2!

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Introducing Rewards Program Batch 2!

Discover the two new vehicles added to the Rewards Program line-up!

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Community Challenge: US Roadtrip

Time to dust off your maps and hit the road!

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Community News

Community catch-up on a busy few weeks!

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The Crew 2 in action!

Discover the thrill of the American motorsports spirit with this first world-exclusive gameplay walkthrough of The Crew® 2!

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Community News

02/12/2016 05:00 PM

We’ve been keeping an eye on our official social media channels, the Facebook social groups, Reddit, fansites, and of course our own forums. So if you’ve created something that you think is worthy of the community highlight, be sure to share it with us on any of our channels or email us at community-thecrew@ubisoft.com!

Our new expansion has only been out for a few days, but Benjamin Baele has already cooked up a fancy The Crew fan trailer to go with it!

Speaking of Calling All Units, BlackPanthaa has some thoughts on the long-awaited Nissan GTR!

And IsuckAtDriving has a play around with the Lotus Exige S Dirt spec:

On the photo front, The Crew’s finest are out in force!

Copy of 1202_CommNews_1

Luther P dances the dance with a GTR:

Copy of 1202_CommNews_2

DatWut can see his prey on the horizon…

Copy of 1202_CommNews_3

Valmont puts the KTM 1190 RC8 R Track through its paces… one-legged!

Copy of 1202_CommNews_4

ITasko5l picks a rainy evening for this supercar showdown!

Copy of 1202_CommNews_5

Whereas Luc M prefers to just bask in the sinking sun:

Copy of 1202_CommNews_6

And zeuss_01 isn’t one to give his wheels the evening off, no matter how spectacular the view!

Copy of 1202_CommNews_7

That’s it for this week’s community highlight! Leave your comments on your favorite highlight, and go out there to make some yourselves! If you have anything you think is worth sharing, don’t hesitate to send them to the community team: community-thecrew@ubisoft.com

Don’t forget to check the Fan Art section, as some of your creations could already be there!


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