The Crew 2 in action!

Discover the thrill of the American motorsports spirit with this first world-exclusive gameplay walkthrough of The Crew® 2!

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The Crew® Rewards Program

Play The Crew and unlock up to 18 vehicles in The Crew® 2 before its release!

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Announcing The Crew 2! Welcome to Motornation!

The Crew is back, get ready to take the challenge to new heights!

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A message from the development team

The Crew 2 is now officially announced. Discover some insights from the dev team!

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Cumulative Community Challenge

Get ready for 3 weeks of Platinum Medals!

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Launch_Trailer Asset

New The Crew Calling All Units trailer

29/11/2016 05:00 PM


With the release of our latest expansion, The Crew Calling All Units, we’ve got a new trailer to help you dive into our new experience.

Whether you're a Police officer or a Street Racer, get ready for some intense action!

See you on the roads… no matter the side!

The Crew Team