Are you ready to become the law?
Racers have been owning the streets until today. Time to set the record straight!
Join the cops and put an end to their supremacy in frantic, high-risk pursuits all over the USA.

Inspired by our community’s feedback, THE CREW: CALLING ALL UNITS includes a brand new Cops Vs Racers gameplay, a retuned Police AI, 10 extra levels and of course a wide range of new vehicles.

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There’s a new gang in town, and FBI agent Zoe Winters has recruited you to shut it down and put an end to its shady business.


Disrupt illegal street races and black market operations, catch the best drivers and put their leader in cuffs through 12 new missions. Master new abilities and get comfortable in your new position, you’re going to be busy…


Get behind the wheel of the fastest, most iconic vehicles


From exotic supercars to the heaviest off-roaders all with police modifications, you're set for all kinds of terrain. Your mission: track down and chase drivers as they transport high value merchandise across the country.

You can drive solo, form a squad or even help out on an ongoing chase. Block your target’s speed-o-metre or use an electromagnetic pulse to shut down all controls! Each arrest will reward you with Bucks, XP and upgraded parts. Also collect exclusive parts for some awesome new vehicles!


Do you enjoy driving the Police up the wall?


In addition to a new level 60 cap, all The Crew players can enjoy a new type of gameplay. You have to find the precious crates that are scattered all around the US and get them to a delivery point without getting busted. Use fun tricks such as unlimited nitro or blinding flashbangs!

Whether you’re the one carrying the crate or just joining the chase to disrupt the police, you’ll get lots of different collectible parts for your vehicles.

Available November 29th

Make a note in your calendar! Police chases are about to take a new turn in The Crew. More open world craziness, including 10 new levels, new missions, new vehicles and more free drive action!