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Ski Jump Community Challenge

03/22/2017 09:00 AM


The time is nigh for another community challenge, and this time we’ve got something completely new planned for you – a global, cross-platform challenge with shared goals!

Many of you will be familiar with Jump Skill #34, that requires you to rocket down a ski ramp and propel yourself as far as possible. It’s big, brash, and glorious to behold!

Copy of SkiJump_1

Starting on Sunday 26th of March, we invite you all to channel your inner Eddie The Eagle and rack up as many jumps on Jump Skill #34 as you can. These will contribute to the global total, which we will be monitoring closely.

We will determine a set spec to use daily, so be sure to check the in-game announcement carefully before starting!

Copy of SkiJump_2

The first cumulative community goal is 300 000 jumps, upon which a new sticker will be awarded to all players who participated and the next goal will be announced. There will be three successive goals in total.

Medals will not matter at all in this challenge, only the distance you cover. So even if you only jump 1 metre, it will still count towards the goal.

There’s no deadline for the event, it will run on until each of the successive goals has been achieved.

So go grab your snow tires, 510s, and we’ll see you on the slopes!

The Crew Team