FreeDrive challenge for May

We invite you to join the pastoral starting line in the Central Valley for a bucolic ride among the flowers and fields.

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April Community Challenge

Time to pick up some speed in the Mountain States!

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Monthly Free Drive Challenges

Show your prowess with our new monthly Free Drive Challenges!

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March Update

The Crew latest updates

Information regarding the next months

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Ski Jump Community Challenge

Jump straight into our March Community Challenge!

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January Community Challenge

01/18/2017 10:00 AM


Racers aren’t the only ones with a competitive streak and a heavy foot! And when it comes to catching truants, coming in second best isn’t an option.

As such, we’re inviting all Calling All Units players to see what they’re made of by facing off against some of the fastest police drivers out there, in the CAU story mission “Highway Patrol”.

The challenge will run from the 18th to the 25th of January, and the top 100 winners on each platform (PS4, PC and Xbox One) will be rewarded with the nifty Lotus Exige S.

Rewards will be sent the week following the end of the challenge.

See you at the start line!

The Crew Team