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We invite you to join the pastoral starting line in the Central Valley for a bucolic ride among the flowers and fields.

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April Community Challenge

Time to pick up some speed in the Mountain States!

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March Update

The Crew latest updates

Information regarding the next months

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Ski Jump Community Challenge

Jump straight into our March Community Challenge!

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Don't forget to try The Crew

12/01/2016 12:00 PM


With the launch of The Crew Calling All Units, the game’s trial version has been updated.

You can now invite anybody on PS4, Xbox One or PC to try the game for two hours, with access to the gameplay from The Crew, The Crew Wild Run as well as The Crew Calling All Units.

Note that anyone who’s already accessed the trial, but hasn’t used up the full 2 hours, will still be able to come back and play the The Crew Calling All Units prologue missions. They will, of course, only have access for what’s left of their trial time.

As always, should anyone decide to upgrade from the trial version to the full game, their save would carry over automatically to the full game.

To learn more about the game, don’t forget to visit webpages:

The Crew & The Crew Wild Run

The Crew Calling All Units

See you soon on the roads!

The Crew Team