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Chase & escape tactics

11/24/2016 05:00 PM

Over the past few months we’ve given you a swathe of information on the new content and features coming with The Crew Calling All Units. There is another very important factor for you to consider as well, though!

We are, of course, talking strategy! What tactics will you employ as a police officer or a street racer to impose your style, rule the roads, and get your hand on new vehicles?


To help you get your thinking caps into gear, we’d like to share some tips and remind you of a few elements to keep in mind to ensure a great experience.

As you know, as a police officer your role will be to make sure the chases you engage in don’t make it as far as the delivery point. To do so, a whole fleet of vehicles will be at your disposal, some for off-road, others for asphalt, and a monster truck for chaos!

Given that you will be able to team up with 3 other police officers during a chase, it will be important to know which vehicle to pick and what abilities to use. Combining varied abilities between players as well as vehicles can give you a significant advantage during the chase. All these abilities being on cooldowns, it will be up to you to judge the situation and make the call on when to best use them.

Street racers will also be able to unite and select their panel of abilities, but this is where the support players will have a key role in making sure the police AI and players are kept away. Support street racers will therefore also have a back to target ability, allowing them to stay close to and protect the crate-holder.

No matter which side you’re on, keep in mind that these chases and escapes will be happening in the open world, which means traffic, night and day cycle, trains passing by and of course no barriers! While street racers will have a delivery point to reach, how they get there will be up to them and police officers will have to be ready for any situation.


There are two main goals to arresting street racers or escaping the police: unlocking new vehicles, and of course displaying your skill. This skill will be the main element that will be used to match you against worthy opponents and will appear at the end of each chase, allowing you to remind everyone what you’re made of.

One last thing; many additional police vehicles will be coming to The Crew Calling All Units after the launch, and even if you manage to get all the police vehicles, you will still be able to unlock new Full Stock vehicles by playing as a cop!

So get ready!

The Crew Team