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Abilities in Calling All Units

11/08/2016 09:00 AM


Today, we wanted to take some time to tell you a little more about the abilities you’ll have at your disposal in The Crew Calling All Units.

There are 3 types of abilities: Street Racer, Police, and abilities available to both parties.

Street Racer abilities are designed to help the user escape a pursuer. Take “Flash Bang” for instance: it temporarily blinds and disorientates opponents, and can cause some pretty spectacular crashes if used at the right time!

Police skills on the other hand, aim to help the user close the distance with the felon they’re chasing, or simply hinder their ability to deliver their crate. “Jammer” deactivates the target’s UI, which in an urban environment could throw a serious spanner in the works for the Racer!

Abilities like “EMP Shock” are available to both parties. This particular skill throws off the target’s direction and steering, so using it near trees or cliffs could prove entertaining!

Copy of EMP

Certain Street Racer abilities will affect all other Racers in the vicinity when activated, such as “Unlimited Nitro” or “Guardian”. While the nitro skill is fairly self-explanatory, “Guardian” will cleanse you and nearby allies of any negative debuffs, and protect you from fresh attacks for a short period of time.

Copy of Guardian

Only 2 abilities can be equipped at a time, so you’ll have to choose carefully! This also means that grouping up for pursuits or deliveries can give you a serious advantage, as well as scope for completely different scenarios each time you try a race!

One final point to note is that you will also have access to a back-to-target function, which is particularly useful for allied Police or Racer players wishing to join the fray.

Copy of Abilities_Police

You’ll get a full explanation of the abilities when playing the new Calling All Units prologue, but until then the real question remains: will you use them to enforce the law, or to escape it?

The Crew Team