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Community News

11/04/2016 10:00 AM

We’ve been keeping an eye on our official social media channels, the Facebook social groups, Reddit, fansites, and of course our own forums. So if you’ve created something that you think is worthy of the community highlight, be sure to share it with us on any of our channels or email us at!

Let’s start the weekend off with a tour of a classic American landmark – Mount Rushmore. Deshtir has devised a quick hybrid dash through this picturesque setting. Code: DKNBLFW

Copy of 1104_FDC_deshtir

This is but one of plethora of stunning landscapes though, and Tom from StahliCorp heads out to showcase a few more in this fantastic stop-motion montage!

If pure riding skill is more your thing, then check out HAZE EMPIRE's 46km wheelie from San Fran to Vegas:

Hakli prefers to keep his wheels on the ground and his speedometer in the red:

Copy of 1104_CommNews_1

The same goes for Rizky S, minus the wheels on the ground...

Copy of 1104_CommNews_2

DarWen heads to the coast to shoot some peaceful panoramas:

Copy of 1104_CommNews_3

Michal C crews up for a sunset spin!

Copy of 1104_CommNews_4

Martin G prefers to have the road all to himself!

Copy of 1104_CommNews_5

Jakub G gears up to let these beasts loose on the flats...

Copy of 1104_CommNews_6

And Shirin96 kitted her Shelby out in suitably festive colours to join the Halloween celebrations!

Copy of 1104_CommNews_7

That’s it for this week’s community highlight! Leave your comments on your favourite highlight, and go out there to make some yourselves! If you have anything you think is worth sharing, don’t hesitate to send them to the community team:

Don’t forget to check the Fan Art section, as some of your creations could already be there!


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