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Community News

10/28/2016 11:00 AM

We’ve been keeping an eye on our official social media channels, the Facebook social groups, Reddit, fansites, and of course our own forums. So if you’ve created something that you think is worthy of the community highlight, be sure to share it with us on any of our channels or email us at!

As most of you will know, we ran a Mercedes-Benz challenge a few months ago that offered a driving course in Germany as the grand prize. Well the winners just got back, and Weep_63 and Galla have already shared a few photos of the event! Here’s a small selection:

Copy of 1028_CommNews_Mercedes1

Copy of 1028_CommNews_Mercedes2

Copy of 1028_CommNews_Mercedes3

Copy of 1028_CommNews_Mercedes4

Copy of 1028_CommNews_Mercedes5

Copy of 1028_CommNews_Mercedes6

Thanks to them both for sharing their snaps, and we look forward to seeing more!

And speaking of seeing more, we’re excited to feature another of ExcyTeGaming's excellent road trips this week!

And Asamur, Wertical21 and AlexTaylor teamed up to bring Nikki and Mila to The Crew:

Our filmmakers aren’t the only ones who have been toiling away though! Have a look at what our talented photographers have been up to, starting with Göczi N:

Copy of 1028_CommNews_1

Lucas E drenches our screens in colour!

Copy of 1028_CommNews_2

Bray gets a birds-eye view of this 3-way faceoff:

Copy of 1028_CommNews_3

Frost-64 heads out to scout some local trails.

Copy of 1028_CommNews_4

And meuv0y gives his airborne pals a bit of a show!

Copy of 1028_CommNews_5

That’s it for this week’s community highlight! Leave your comments on your favorite highlight, and go out there to make some yourselves! If you have anything you think is worth sharing, don’t hesitate to send them to the community team:

Don’t forget to check the Fan Art section, as some of your creations could already be there!


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