Hummer H1 Alpha

The H1 Alpha is a big boy’s toy. This all terrain titan can tackle just about anything you throw at it. Nothing can stand in the way of this behemoth. With a 6.6 litre V8 it’s no surprise that in this car you’ll feel like a god among insects.


  • MAX POWER 300 bhp at 3000 rpm
  • MAX TORQUE 705 Nm at 1600 rpm
  • LENGTH 4686 mm
  • WIDTH 2197 mm
  • HEIGHT 2006 mm
  • WEIGHT 3555 kg
  • TOP SPEED 145 km/h
  • 0-62 MPH / 0-100 Km/h 13.5 s

Tuning Specs

  • Full stock

    How it rolls off the dealer lot. This is your basic ride and a ‘blank canvas’ for your own modified evolutions!

  • Street

    Dealer options and off the shelf DIY additions. Useable day-to-day ride with enough grunt to have serious fun.

  • Dirt

    Internal crash cage; uprated suspension; dirt tires on tough rims; sump guards and braided hosing; flaps, fenders and spots; newer models uprated to all wheel drive. Go tear up those backwoods!

  • Raid

    Bespoke, full crash cage chassis; uprated suspension, including long travel shocks; uprated transmission; full bash guard package, including bull bars and skid plates; high profile, off road tires on steel rims. This is a ‘go anywhere’ ride, so what are you waiting for?

  • Performance

    Anything to get the power up! Holes cut here and there, after market components, track day tires on lightweight rims. There’s no hiding the intent here – this machine is built to compete.