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The Crew Wild Run Photo Mode

23/12/2015 04:00 PM

Want to be able to take screenshots of your best moments in The Crew and The Crew Wild Run? Well, this new feature should please you!

Coming soon, Photo mode will give players the ability to capture their best moments in the game. Trigger this mode to freeze your car and everything else around you!

If you’re playing with your friends or any other players, they’ll simply appear frozen on your screen and your screen only. On their side, they’ll still be playing and acting normally!

Of course, Photo mode isn’t a simple “freeze” of your screen. Once triggered, you’ll have access to several settings, allowing you to get that perfect shot with options such as motion blur, exposure, brightness, saturation, and more.


You’ll also be able to change the weather and time of day, as well as add mud or damage to your vehicle.

Of course, you’ll also be able to rotate and zoom in and out with your camera. To give you an idea of what you’ll be able to capture, here are some examples.

Ruf LaFerrari

Indian Drift

Monsters Bikes

We can’t wait to see your own screenshots, so don’t forget to send your creations to community-thecrew@ubisoft.com.

See you on the road!

The Crew Team